African Threading Challenge: Style 1

Starting Hair Measurements
Back: 7 inches
Front: 6 and a half inches
Crown: 6 and a half inches
Sides: 7 inches


Style 1: Threading with braids

Wash Process:
  • Divide hair into 4 sections
  • Co-wash hair with Tresemme Natural Conditioner
  • Deep Condition hair for 40 mins with Organics Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner
  • Rinse hair. Do final rinse with a mixture of Aloe vera  juice and water,
  • Section hair into style that I plan to do, and band it using  Belle Pony Sox Hair ties. I got these black hair ties that don't have any metal piece from Dollar General. It is the BEST hair ties I have found so far.

Tools used:
  • Moisturizer
  • Thread
  • Scissors
Styling Process:
  • Create groups of thread with five thread strands in a group.  Use the scissors to cut the thread
  • Knot ends of threads and set apart.
  • I made about 30 groups of thread.
  • Undo one section of hair, and moisturize scalp with oil mix
  • Moisturize hair with Shea Moisture Curl Enhanced Smoothie
  • Seal ends with oil mix
  • For the front of her hair, I did a little cornrow and then started threading. (See picture on the left, above). The reason why I did that is because I wanted to put as little pull/tighteness close to her edges. Thanks to Jamaican Castor Oil, her edges are fully filled in.
  • Wrap thread around the base of hair and when you get to the middle part of the hair section, braid hair a little, then use another thread and continue threading until you reach the end.  (See picture on the left, above).

  • For the back part of her hair, I did not do any braiding since I was going to secure all the threaded hair in that area. (See middle picture above)

  • When all hair has been threaded/braided, gather them together and thread them together. Secure the ends with rubber bands (if necessary)


  1. VERY NICE! I actually enjoy threading but haven't had any luck with keeping the thread secure at the ends?! Never considered putting rubber bands at the end. She wakes up with thread hanging from all over the place, lol. I guess I'll revisit threading again at some point! Great post.

    1. Thanks. I always had that problem with the ends until one of my friends told me about the rubber bands idea. My younger daughter still has her hair threaded, this is week 3.(Click here to view it ->

  2. Wow! What beautiful daughter you have and I love the styles! Very creative. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Her hair looks cute. Come enter my giveaway if you live in the US. I am following you also. Follow back please.

  4. I have spent the last 45 minutes reading through your blog. I love it. Good job. I am following your blog for sure.

    It was good seeing you this weekend.

    1. Hi Bunmi,
      It was so nice to you last weekend. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the blog. Let me know if you have any questions. ((HUGS))


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