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EASIEST Summer Wash Day Routine for Kids After Swimming

In this video, Tolani shows you her VERY SIMPLE Wash Day Routine after swimming. For more kids hair routine: Watch below or click here

Get Ready With Me: Makeup and Hair (Teenager Version)

This HIGHLY REQUESTED Video .. YAAS. My Morning Routine for Teens. Get Ready With Me as I do my Makeup no makeup look and my natural hair routine Watch below or click here :

How to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized in Summer

Summer is all about FUN! but being in the sun all day can cause it to be dry. Doing Hot Oil Treatment with Be Natural Hair Oil from Body Cake is one thing I have incorporated into my wash day routine. Also drinking water and so many more tips that I share in this video. How do you keep your hair moisturized in the summer? Body Cake Be! Natural Hair Oil

My Natural Hair Routine for Teens | Wash Day, Moisturizing, Night Routine

Today, I share my Natural Hair Routine for teens like myself Watch below or click here

Easy and Fast Jumbo Box Braids Hairstyle with Twists | Natural Hair Protective Style

This is a very simple way of doing box braids WITHOUT dipping in hot water. You can also do this in twists like this: Watch below or click here

How to Stretch Wash and Go WITHOUT HEAT

One thing that I hate about doing Wash and Go on my Type 4 hair is the shrinkage and the tangles. Stretching your natural hair even in a wash and go hair can be done with heat or without heat. I discovered that when using heat, it actually causes me to lose the little curl definition I have, By using the banding method, I get more stretch and almost NO TANGLES. More ways to stretch your hair: Plentiful products is infused with Avocado and Aloe Vera Oils to help improve the health of hair and scalp and add shine, softness, moisture and manageability. Portions of your purchase supports World Without Exploitation; an organization dedicated to ending the exploitation of women  ( http: ) Use my DISCOUNT CODE for I am Plentiful to get 50% off : More information: Click here or watch below