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The Trending Back to School Hairstyle of Summer 2018: OLORI

If you have never tried African Threading before, you are missing out. African Threading is one of the oldest form of styling in Africa. This type of style involves wrapping hair with a thread or any form of cords. The most commonly used thread is the African Thread. You can also use Rubber or even yarn. To see how to thread hair and use these varieties of thread, click here . For this Olori Hairstyle, inspired by Esther Tom  ( @gameoffros ), we used yarn. You can find this in your craft store or online. Click here to buy online How to create the style After moisturizing hair, section hair into medium size squares Twist each section Working column by column, wrap thread around first section and then connect to the twisted section below it. Repeat this for all columns When completed, gather hair together at the nape of the head. Watch this tutorial   Click here if you cannot view