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Less BREAKAGE and SHEDDING When Washing Hair | Discovering Natural

Do you get a lot of breakage when washing your hair? Here are some tips to help you with that. Watch by clicking here or below

What is the Best Products for Natural Hair?

' The best hair product for natural hair can vary depending on your specific hair type, needs, and preferences. However, some popular options for natural hair care include sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners with natural oils like argan or coconut, leave-in conditioners, and styling products like shea butter or curl-defining creams. It's essential to choose products that suit your hair's unique characteristics and address any specific concerns you may have, such as moisture retention, frizz control, or curl definition. Experimenting with different products and consulting a hair care professional can help you find the best products for your natural hair. If you want one on one help with your hair, you can use this link to contact me Through my experiences and also intense education, I acquired my certificate as a hair coach to help you along your hair journey. Let’s get started today. Finding the best product for your natural hair, ta

DIY Curl Defining Cream

This DIY Curl Defining Cream will leave your hair moisturized and soft and twistout defined. It did not lose definition even in the humid Texas weather. Here is how to make it. Click here or watch below

Wash and Go on Type 4 Hair in the Shower | UrbanBella Cre'Gel

This is by far the best wash and go on type 4 hair I have done. I love the fact that Urbanbella products are very hydrating. You can find these products and E-book at Watch below or click here

Easy Back To School Hairstyle" Criss Coss

Our newest Back to School Hairstyles for Natural hair using EverButter products. These products are all natural. You can find them at Click here to watch or watch below