Hair Styles

All the hair styles in this gallery were created by me. If you see any link, click on it to see tutorials.
Two Tier Bun with a twist/ How to make a Sock bun

Mohawk Cornrows

Double Twisted Buns

Cockscrew Pigtails

Cornrows and Twists

Chunky Twists Updo

Milk Maid Twists
 Rollerset with permrods and Jane Carter Wrap and Roll

Butterfly Cornrows

Rope Twists Out with side cornrows

Rope Twists with side cornrows


Bantu Knot Out with Aloe Vera Gel: Soft hold
Chunky Cinnabun Twists

Faux shaved side flower chunky twists

Criss Cross CockScrew Threading with Puff

Cornrows and Twists with Fishtail Pony

Finger coils bun

Rope twist out bangs with twist out bun


Back to School Hair

Swooped Mohawk

Beehive Ponytail
Flower Cornrows

Yarn Twists with Cornrows

Double Mohawk - Cornrows and Twists

Threaded Bang and PonyTail

Wash n Go.. turn into a bun

Twisted Puff (Video Slideshow)

Bun and Twist Out Bangs


Simple Twists



African Threading Cockscrew Box Braids
Slanted Mohawk with a Twist

Circular Cornrows with front side bangs

Simple Bun
Cornrows with jumbo flat twists

Basket Weaving Cornrows with bangs

Cornrows and Individual braids in back using Human hair

Twisted bangs with double pony tails tucked under.

Hearts Small and Big

Back to school hairstyles

Mohawk cornrow styles

Puff Puff PonyTails

Semi Circle and Freestyle Cornrows

Mohawk with Bun (used Mesh bun)

Mo-Hawk Cornrows with Yaki Braid Hair

Easy Threading with designer bun

Half Mohawk to the side Cornrow

Heart Cornrow

Spaced Threading

3 layers Bun

Loop inside cornrows

Tiny Cornrows

Cornrows and Bantu Knots with Bangs

Simple Cornrow style on a TWA (No extensions added)

Protective Style for Beads, Braids, and Beyond

Low bun with twisted front

Criss-Cross Mohowk

Simple Cornrows

Mohawk Cornrows

Extension using human hair (first time!)

Crochet Weaving with Water Wave

Mohawk with bangs

PonyTail with Bangs

April Flowers

The two styles below can be modified so that the bottom half can be undo at a later date for a braid out.

Swirling Cornrows

Half Mohawk with basket weaving

African Threading - Triple level

Simple braids

Two-strands Twisted Bantu Knots

Crochet Braiding with Femi Kinky Twists

Cornrows with twisted bun


First Afro  and Afro Puff. (This was done on a braid-out, ready to be washed. She totally LOVED it)

Side Interlocked Two-strand Twists

Cinnabun Twist (YouTube tutorial <---where I got this style)

Roll and Tuck bun

Ponytail cornrow with side bangs

Hidden four leaves clover: Click here for Clues to finding it.

Double layer cornrows with side bangs

Extension cornrows: Crowned ponytail

Cornrows with African Threading

Cornrowed Bantu knots with two strands twists

Simple cornrow braiding with two mini puffs

Two strand twists  on Relaxed hair (freestyle and side pony)

My first attempt at using extensions to cornrow

Valentine's Day Hair Styles


Triple-layer tiara cornrows

Two strandTwist multiple updo to the side

Banding - Stretched Two Strand Twists


African Threading: packing to the side.

Flat twisting: Single end cornrowed

Flat twisting: Overlapping cornrow with single end cornrowed

Two strand twist: Heart center with joined sides


  1. I just love, love and love the children styles. I will be checking this page out frequently to steal more ideas for my little girl.

  2. @Buky: Thanks. I will keep posting my creations on this page.

  3. For my daughter's sake, I really thank you for this blog. The Lord knows I've put her through too many bad hair days. I will be back often. Is there an email I can send specific questions to?

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Yes, you can always email me at or send me a message via Facebook at

  4. thanks for taking this initiative.God bless you

    1. You are welcome. Have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving!

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  7. such creative styles! I'm sure your daughters are the envy amongst t heir peers. I noticed other people on there too. Do you do this as a business? I think you should!

    1. Thanks! I do this on the side for friends and friends of friends... and the list goes on. LOL.

  8. Oh Gosh, I pray hard that one day I am blessed with a daughter and then I will do every style on this page! You have a great blog!

    1. Thank you so much!! May you be blessed with the desires of your heart!

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