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My name is Sola Awe and I am so happy you found this page. I have been a natural hair enthusiatic since 2011 after I decided to transition my oldest daughter to natural hair. I have two daughters who are both natural and lovers of natural hair. My husband is also an advocate in his own way. I have a presence on social media as DiscoveringNatural that is dedicated to helping people be comfortable with their natural hair and learn how to easily care for it.

 As a child, natural hair was not embraced and when I became an adult, I struggled with understanding my hair. When my oldest daughter was 4, I struggled with caring for her hair and did not have any resource to help me out, so I decided to relax her hair. After a friend invited me a natural hair event in Houston, Texas, where I reside, I knew I have found a new passion. The next day, we started my daughter's transition to natural and I followed afterwards with mine. When I discovered a lot of people especially mothers struggle with hair related issues I did, I decided to create my blog and other social media platforms to help them out. I strive to continue to help everyone learn to love and embrace their natural hair and not ever struggle with issues without knowing they have a helping hand; a hair coach to assist them.


Here are some people that my social media coaching on my platforms has helped.

Hair Coaching Products

One-on-One Hair Coaching Sessions

In my one-on-one hair coaching session, here are ways I can help you out:

  • Discuss issues that you have with your hair
  • Understand how products work best for your hair 
  • Create a hair routine that will help resolve your hair issues
  • Help with your hair growth retention issues
  • Provide appopriate resources that will help you manage your hair better
  • Give you that personalized session geared only for you and your hair situation

How to Book My Services

If you want to book my 30 mins session for $20, click to schedule your appointment: 

Payment Options

Once you have scheduled your appointment, you can make payment via PayPal or Cashapp by clicking the  button: 

Use email for Zelle

If you do not use either of these methods, please email me : 

After Payment Is Made...

After payment is made, you will receive an email of acknowledgement.No Payment, No Zoom Link will be sent

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  1. I just love, love and love the children styles. I will be checking this page out frequently to steal more ideas for my little girl.

  2. @Buky: Thanks. I will keep posting my creations on this page.

  3. For my daughter's sake, I really thank you for this blog. The Lord knows I've put her through too many bad hair days. I will be back often. Is there an email I can send specific questions to?

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Yes, you can always email me at or send me a message via Facebook at

  4. thanks for taking this initiative.God bless you

    1. You are welcome. Have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving!

  5. such creative styles! I'm sure your daughters are the envy amongst t heir peers. I noticed other people on there too. Do you do this as a business? I think you should!

    1. Thanks! I do this on the side for friends and friends of friends... and the list goes on. LOL.

  6. Oh Gosh, I pray hard that one day I am blessed with a daughter and then I will do every style on this page! You have a great blog!

    1. Thank you so much!! May you be blessed with the desires of your heart!

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