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Kids Hairstyles Twists and Flat Twist

This is a simple quick style using twists on natural hair and flat twists natural hairstyles for little girls hairstyle. This is a good style for back to school hairstyle and even if you cannot do cornrow hairstyles or braid hairstyles. How to moisturize hair in twists: Watch below or Click here

How to Use Chebe Powder without Residue | Chebe Spritz | Natural Hair | DiscoveringNatural

Chebe is great for retaining moisture and strengthening your hair. The bad part about is is the residue it leaves on your hair. In this video, I show you how to make a simple Chebe Spritz. Products Used: 1 tablespoon of Chebe powder Pantyhose or cheesecloth A string Scissors 1 cup of hot water. Products used to moisturize hair Chebe spritz DIY oil mix: Jamaican Mango and Lime Butter cream: JBCO butter: About Chebe: Watch below or Click here

Simple Ways to Style Protective Styles on Natural Hair | GIVEAWAY | Discovering Natural

I am wearing my hair more in protective styles these days and accessorizing it with Pretty Eclectic Textiles silk scarves. Use discount code  "DiscoveringNatural" to get 15% off (exp 1/31/2019) Their scarves are 100% Silk. They are stylish and very protective for the hair. GIVEAWAY RULES : 1. Must be a subscriber 2. Follow us on Instagram 3. Comment on Instagram page "How you plan to stay FAB in 2019" Giveaway ends 1/31/2019 Watch below or click here

When to do Rice Water Rinse, Tea Rinse, Coffee Rinse on Natural Hair

Have you wondered when to do rice water rinse for hair growth, black to rinse to reduce shedding, coffee rinse, green tea rinse, hibiscus rinse and even molasses to help with reducing grey hair? In this video, I share with you when I do mine as my husband washes my hair with a natural hair shampoo bar from Obia Naturals. Watch below or click here PRODUCTS USED: Obia Naturals Coconut Shea Bar: Water in Spray Bottle: Croc Clip: Rice Shampoo Detox: Videos Mentioned : When to Deep Conditioner Before? Rice Water Rinse Black Tea Rinse Green Tea Rinse Coffee Rinse Molasses Hair Mask

How to Start Caring For Your Natural Hair

I f you want one on one help with your hair, you can use this link to contact me To start off, it is important to create a routine. Similar to how you have a life routine of what you do each day. For hair, you can create one like for example let say you wash your hair every week. Then when you do so, shampoo to wash scalp and hair, deep condition to nourish your hair, Moisturize your hair after and then style. Then once a month, you can do a protein treatment. During the week, Moisturize your hair regularly. This video talks more about creating a routine: Please click the Follow button on my Amazon page for products suggestions Now, let us break it down into small parts. SHAMPOOING When it comes to washing your hair, there are different things you can use but I will keep it simple for you. The best shampoo for natural hair is a sulfate free shampoo. This type does not cont