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What is the Difference between Deep Conditioner and Hair Mask, Masque, Hair Treatment | Natural Hair

In this video, we dive into finding out the true difference between a deep conditioner and a hair mask? Which is better hair mask or conditioner? Can you use a hair mask instead of conditioner? What is the best deep conditioner for your hair? What's the difference between a deep conditioner and a protein treatment? For different types of deep conditioners: Watch below or click here

Why I Do Not Use Hair Grease On My Scalp | DiscoveringNatural

In my last video on using Hair Grease on Natural Hair, I got lots of questions. Here is why i do not use hair grease on my scalp and some dos and don't of using grease on natural hair More videos for Blue Magic Hair Grease on Natural Hair How to prevent flakes on natural hair Watch below or click here

Blue Magic Grease Wash and Go on Natural Hair | Type 4 Natural | DiscoveringNatural

You guys have been asking me to give Blue Magic Grease on Natural Hair a try, so why not? Should you use Grease on Natural Hair? Well do you research and make the call. For more tips on Hair Grease, click: What I used: Blue Magic Grease Organic: Super Wet Gel: Spray Bottle: Slide in clips: Watch by clicking here or below Links provided are affiliated links that help support this page

Does TXTR by CANTU line Worked Better for Natural Hair | FULL WASH DAY ROUTINE | DiscoveringNatural

Cantu came out with Txtr by Cantu or Cantu Txtr and I tried it for high porosity, low porosity, 4c natural hair and all type 4 natural hair. Does Cantu Txtr flake? Products Used: Txtr by Cantu Shampoo: Txtr by Cantu Moisture Mask: Txtr by Cantu Curl Defining Cream: Super Wet Gel: 3 in 1 detangling comb brush Watch by clicking this link or below Links shown are affiliated links and by using it, you help support this blog page