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Hair Grease vs Hair Butter | Which Natural Hair Product Should You Use

After doing my last videos on Hair Butter, people wanted me to do a comparison with Hair Grease like Blue Magic Grease on Natural Hair. Other videos you might like: Should You Use Grease in Natural Hair: Alternate Product to Hair Grease: Products used in video: Kadima Organic Beauty Products Leave In Condtioner: Aloe Vera Juice Blue Magic Super Gro: Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Pure Butter Watch below or Click here

Mixing Bentonite and Rhassoul Clay on Natural Hair | MISTAKE

I took your suggestion and decided to mix Bentonite clay and Rhassoul clay (Red clay) on my hair...and this is what happened. Rhassoul Clay vs. Bentonite Clay | Which is Best for Natural Hair Products used: Bentonite Clay: Ancient Earth Secrets Bentonite Clay Rhassoul Clay: Ancient Earth Secrets Red Clay Spray bottle: Sectioning Clips: Aloe Vera juice: Apple Cider Vinegar: Almond oil: Clarifying Shampoo: Hydrating Deep Conditioner: Watch below or click here

Rhassoul Clay vs. Bentonite Clay | Which is Best for Natural Hair

Do you know how to use Rhassoul Clay for your natural hair or How to use Bentonite Clay for your natural hair? The benefits of rhassoul clay for hair is so great that you just have to give it a try. this clay and the benefits of bentonite clay on hair provides clarifying of your hair to help stimulate hair growth. Clays remove dead cells that will help your hair follicles thrive better. Products in the video can be found on Vitamin Shoppe or on our amazon shop: Ancient Earth Secrets Moroccan Red Clay Ancient Earth Secrets Bentonite Clay