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Why Your Hair Pains You When You Comb It

  QOTD : Please my natural hair pains me so much while combing and it's very dry. ANSWER : When you comb your hair, start of by spraying it with a little water. Then divide it into sections. Apply a moisturizer to each section and then you can divide those sections and then take a wide tooth comb and gently comb from ends of hair to the root. After combing each section twist it before proceeding to the next. Untwist each section when done if you want to wear your hair out in an Afro. How to comb: During your hair wash day, using a deep conditioner after shampooing can help soften your hair. Also using a leave in conditioner after your final rinse can help too. If you are not moisturizing your hair regularly, your hair will be dry. Oils are not moisturizers. Use a creamy moisturizer instead and then an oil afterwards if needed to seal the hair.  How to moisturize: Never allow your hair to get dry, check it daily to see if

Why Does Your Hair Cut When You Take Down Your Hairstyle

  It is possible it is shedded hair that you are seeing which is totally normal . The longer you had had your hair in a style, the more hair you will shed.  If you did not moisturize your hair while in a style, you could have breakage. So next time moisturize it while in a style. Also after taking down a style, DO not comb it for while It dry. Spray a little water , section it and use your fingers to first remove the shedded hair. Add some conditioner or oil and gently comb in sections from ends to root