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I TRIED My Subscriber's DIY Fenugreek Hair Mask

Do you know we have a Facebook Group called DiscoveringNatural Group? I tried one of the DIY Fenugreek Hair Mask and Oh my!! It was ... well just watch. This fenugreek hair mask consists of avocado, aloe vera juice, fenugreek and banana. It is very moisturizing. Where to buy Fenugreek Please join our group for more help with your hair: Watch below or click here

Summer Wash Day Routine for Natural Hair Kids

This summer wash day routine for kids is so simple that your kid can do it themselves. She used products from Inahsi Natural Hair products. You can find them here: Use coupon code discoveringnatural15 Watch below or Click here

3 Summer Hair Care Tips YOU NEED TO KNOW

Are you wondering how to take care of your hair in the summer. Here are 3 Summer Hair Care Tips You need to know. The first tip is to protect your hair. Using an umbrella that protects UPF 50+ protection and blocks 98% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation is one of the best ways. Hawaiian Sunsets Umbrella does just that. You can find these umbrellas on Amazon: and also on their website: Watch below or Click here