Using Batana oil to get Thicker Hair and Grow Hair

 I started using Batana oil on my scalp May 31st 2024. 

Here is my 3 weeks result. Click here to buy 

How I use it, I use it every 2 days and apply to my scalp and edges. I do not rinse it out. On wash day , every 2 weeks, I apply it on my scalp and hair, cover for 30 mins and then shampoo and deep condition my hair. I then apply my leave in and reapply the Batana oil on scalp and edges and also my moisturizer on my hair. 

The benefits of using batana oil for hair include- Hair growth: Batana oil contains nutrients that can help promote hair growth.

- Moisturizing: Batana oil is a good moisturizer for hair, helping to keep it hydrated and healthy.

- Hair strengthening: The fatty acids present in batana oil can help strengthen hair, reducing the chances of breakage.

- Natural hair dye: Batana oil can be used to restore natural color to gray and white hair.

- Shine: Batana oil can add shine to hair, leaving it looking healthy and vibrant.


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