Which Method is Best for Making Oil: Infusion or Heated?

 Both infusion and heated methods can be used to make oil, but the best method depends on the specific ingredients and desired outcome.

Infusion method:

- Steep herbs, spices, or botanicals in a carrier oil for an extended period (days or weeks).

- Gentle, low-heat, or no-heat method.

- Preserves delicate compounds and nutrients.

- Suitable for sensitive ingredients, like herbs or flowers.

Heated method:

- Heat the ingredients and carrier oil together, usually with a double boiler or slow cooker.

- Faster process, typically taking hours or days.

- Can enhance extraction of certain compounds.

- Suitable for harder ingredients, like nuts or seeds.

Consider the following factors to choose the best method:

- Ingredient type and fragility

- Desired extraction level and speed

- Preservation of nutrients and compounds

- Personal preference and equipment availability

If you're new to making oil, start with the infusion method, as it's generally gentler and easier to control.


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