Swimming and Transitioning Hair

It is important to protect your hair when swimming.  This is what I keep on hearing about when doing my research for our recent visit to the waterpark. I always cover my hair with a swim cap when in the pool, but since this was an all-day event, I did not want to have a cap on for the seven hours we spent at the waterpark. So, I went to YouTube to see if I could be find any other method of protecting my hair.

I came upon this video by Kelz06081984

Here is what I did that helped keep my hair moisturized throughout the day.

Before going to the WaterPark
  • Moisturize hair and braid into 2 cornrows going back.  This will protect your ends and also keep your relaxed ends tucked in so as to avoid tangling.
  • Make a mixture in a small 2oz travel size container of - Tresemme Natural Conditioner + Castor Oil + Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Upon arriving at the WaterPark
  • Wet hair.
  • Apply the condish mixture all over hair and rub in to avoid whiteness
  • Take a little bit of water and run it on the canopy of the hair. (top)
  • Unlike in the video where the lady washed out the condish, I decided to leave it in. I will try her system of rinsing off next time I go to the pool. But for this extended stay in the waterpark, I wanted to leave the condish in.
That's it....Have Fun!!

After leaving the WaterPark
  • Unbraid hair. My hair was not tangled AT ALL!! Yeah!
  • Co-wash with Tresemme Natural Conditioner
  • Deep Conditioner with Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque mixed with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (I left this on overnight to extreme conditioning)
  • In the morning, rinse off, apply leave-in and style as usual!

How do you protect your hair when you go swimming?


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