Update from Day 1 of CG Method

It took about 6 hours for my hair to air dry.  Come to think of it, this is the same amount of time it would normally take it to dry up even without the CG Method. By the time it dried up, the relaxed ends were more curled up, I decided to restyle my hair to protect my ends.

By the end of the day, my new growth was quite hard and did not feel moisturized at all.  I felt defeated, but decided to spritz it a little with some water, apply some Shea Moisture Curl Enhanced Smoothie, create four lazy bantu knots, cover with a scarf and went to bed.  I have a feeling it is the Eco Styler Gel that caused my hair to be like this.  Next time, I will try only leaving conditioner on my hair.

Another thing....

The Generic Paul Mitchel Conditioner might not be the best for my more densed natural hair. It worked fine in keeping my relaxed ends moisturized, but not my natural hair. I will definitely continue to use it without the Eco Styler Gel because that might have been what caused it to be dry.

This morning...

I just spritzed my hair with water mixed with Glycerin and that really soften up my new growth the way I like it. I made sure the water did not touch my relaxed ends.  I plan to rewash my hair tomorrow and reapply the leave in without the Eco Styler.

Close up of the tight curls/coils


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