Roll and Tuck Mohawk

This style was done on hair that has been washed and stretched out with two strands twists for two days.

Styling Process:
  • Divide hair into three sections; bang area, left side and right side
  • Starting from the left side, divide hair into five or more sections, going from side of the head to middle parting
  • For each of these sections, begin to roll and tuck in the hair, working your way to the middle part. When there, secure hair with rubber band.
  • Do the step above for the right side
  • Now gather some hairs (the mohawk area) and braid it up. I gathered three at a time.
  • Roll each braid with perm rods.
  • For the banges area, create a pompadour and either secure with a bobby pin or rubber band.
  • Wait for a couple of hours, so that the perm rods side will set.
  • Release perm rods and undo the braids gently. 
  • Secure the ends with bobby pins underneath the bottom of the mohawk.

Have fun!


  1. this is cute, I may try it :) Im not usually very adventurous with my styles lol. Quick question...when you do two strand twists do you do them on wet or dry hair? If you do them on wet hair how do you minimize shrinkage? And if done on dry hair how do you make them lay/hang down instead of sticking out in all directions? TIA!

    1. Thanks, girl! When I do my twists, I do them when damp never when wet. To reduce shrinkage, you can put bobby pins at the base of the hair and then twist. To make them lay down, after doing them, I tie a scarf on my hair and that usually does the job of laying them down by morning.


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