Hair Chemistry: Humidity and Your Hair

When you hear Humidity... you think frizz and bad hair days. The weather has been quite humid lately, so I have tried to minimize the amount of frizz and bad hair days I will experience by just having my hair in cornrows and twists with the hope of doing a twist out on the twisted part next week. I have my fingers crossed and hope that this humidity does not cause me to have frizzy twist out.

While researching this issue, I have found a couple of methods that can be used to minimize the effect of humidity on the hair.
  • Use the right products ... that will help seal your hair and prevent moisture from penetrating the hair shaft. Products like anti-frizz serums, silicones, and bee-wax. Click here for more products.
  • Add Protein ... ingredients such as hydrolyzed protein.
  • Create anti-frizz hairstyles ... such as pin-up updos, braids, cornrows, and twists.
  • Embrace the frizz ... and use it to your advantage.  Create styles like will minimize the obvious appearance of the frizz. 
Bottom Line: There is no 100% way to humidity proof your hair. 

What do you do to your hair when it is humid outside?


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