Wash Day Diary: July 24th 2014 : Trim Those Ends

How to Trim Natural Hair

What you are thinking: Didn't I just wash my hair 2 days ago?
My response:  Yes. However, I used a product that gave me a bit of product build up because I used too much.


Today's wash day was a bit different. It was time for a trim. My last trim was April 28th, 3 months ago. Yeah... I am a person of habit. I'm quite proud at myself for keeping up with my trims, something that I was on my 5 Natural Hair Goals Plan for this year.

In the past, I trimmed my hair damp, but this time, I did it dry.  Okay... I'm getting ahead of myself... here is what I did.

Post Wash
  • Apply Oil Mix
  • Use SheaMoisture Curl and Style Milk for moisture
  • Apply Grapeseed Oil to protect from heat damage.
  • Sat under hooded dryer for 20 mins at Medium heat. Why? I was experimenting a theory....Why? That's what bloggers do. ;)
  • Hair was still quite damp as if no heat was used. . What a waste of time
I noticed that after several hours, my hair still felt quite moisturized and so soft. Thanks to my newest product!! Loved it!!

Dry Trim Process
  • Unravel each twist, examine the edges
  • Trim as needed
  • Spritz  hair with water
  • Apply my DIY Shea Aloe Butter to seal in moisture
  • Retwist and twirl the ends.
  • Repeat till done.
That's all, folks!!


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