3 Ways to Curl the Ends of your Twists

The ends of your twists can determine how nice your twistout will be. There are several ways of curling the ends of your twists. Here are the 3 major ways:

In this method, you create a small bantu knot like loop at the ends of your hair. This method protects your ends and if you have a problem with retaining moisture at your ends, this method does the job. This method is also known as Bantu Loops, different variation but similar.

On Transitioning Hair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9TsKFn5AUc
Bantu Loops on Natural Hair:

This is the most common way to curl your ends. All you do is twirl your hair around your finger. To get the perfect curl, I always seal my ends with my DIY Shea Aloe Butter.


Perm Rod
If you are having a hard time curling your ends, try using either a perm rod or even flexirods.


What method do you use in curling your ends for your BEST Twistout?


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