Wash Day Diary: July 7th 2014: Hair Out Recovery

Black Tea Rinse
Black Tea Rinse and Deep Conditioner

After wearing my hair out for 4 days, I needed to do some pre-conditioning before even attempting to detangle it. Here is what I did:
  • Divide hair into 4 sections
  • For each section, spritz with water, apply Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and VO5 Herbal Escapes Strengthening Conditioner Pomegranate & Grapeseed
  • Leave on for a couple of hours ('cos I was busy, y'all!! LOL!)
  • After that, I detangled my hair thoroughly and twisted each section as I did. I then clipped the ends of the twists with bobby pins.
  • I washed my hair with Eden Bodyworks Cleansing Cowash Conditioner
  • After that, I put the Black Tea Rinse (2 cups of hot water and 2 bags of Black Tea) in a spritz bottle.
I read somewhere that instead of pouring the rinse directly on my hair, spraying is much better. I must say, I prefer this method. I found this method much more convenient. After spritzing my hair with the tea, I generously applied Eden Bodyworks Deep Conditioner. And covered my hair with a plastic cap and towel for 30 minutes.
Deep Conditioning Natural Hair
For a final rinse, I just used cold water instead of my Aloe Vera Juice.
Post Wash
The usual - Applied oil mix and the Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk and twist up my hair.
Tomorrow morning, I will apply my DIY Shea Aloe Butter and retwist into chunky twist updo.


  1. How to you feel about the Eden Bodyworks Deep Conditioner? You have beautiful hair chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Thank you. I love it. It always leaves my hair feeling soft. I have used it with and without heat and it works great both ways...for my hair.


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