Wash Day Diary: July 2nd 2014: CoWash After Swimming

When wash day rolls around, I always have a game plan. Here is today's plan:

We went swimming today and since I usually use a clarifying shampoo to cleanse my hair after swimming, I decided to try something different. Trial and Error is how you know if a product or process works for your natural hair.  I decided to co-wash my hair instead. I LOVE IT!!!

First started off by thoroughly detangled and coating my hair with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Then putting my hair in a top bun with the ends tucked in at the center of the bun.

After swimming, I thoroughly rinsed my hair, and then did a scalp scrub. Felt so good. Click here to see my mix. I rinsed off the scrub when done and co-washed with Eden Bodyworks Cowash. I left this cowashing conditioner in my hair for about 10 mins and then rinse off. My hair was so soft...as expected. I then saturated my hair with my Black Tea Rinse.

I noticed that my shedding and breakage has reduced a little. It was very noticeable during today's wash day. I have been doing Black Tea Rinse for a month now.

Instead of rinsing off the black tea after 30 mins, I applied my Eden Bodyworks Deep Conditioner on top of it and waited another 30 mins.

Let me just say I was in softness heaven. I loved it. Let's see what happens. I will be doing this method of NOT rinsing the tea before deep conditioning for the whole month of July.

 Post Wash
I applied my oil mix and then used Giovanni Direct Leave In and then twisted up my hair.

Gathering up my twists in a low bun, I banded them together.
I had to take the girls to choir practice, so this was what I did....


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