2 Mins Updo Natural Hair Pictorial

Natural Hair Pictorial
2 Mins Updo Natural Hair Pictorial

1. Gather two sections of hair from the crown area
2. Cross the section and bobby pin them together at the crown
3. Continue doing this until you get to the base of the head
4. Fold remaining hair and tuck and pin
5. For the front, swoop hair to the side
6. Pin hair behind the ears.

For a video tutorial, watch below or click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeZyQgS5xp0&list=PL1B2FF061F0877CCA&index=33


  1. I love twist-and-pin styles. They're super simple to do and quick. I did something similar to this with two dreads ponytails.


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