Introducing "Natural Hair Pictorials": Twisted Pinned Curls Puff

Introducing the first pictorial by DiscoveringNatural. Natural Hair Pictorials has been requested by you all and I have just not have time to create them. Decided to start doing so now.. YEAH!!

Some of the people that visit my Facebook page and blog do not have access to YouTube to view videos. Pictorials provide a way for them to create the styles. However, if you want to view the video, here it is:

  1. Move the hair to the top of the head as if doing a puff
  2. Use a loose hair tie to create a loose puff
  3. Add a headband around the head
  4. Release the loose hair tie and section the puff into two sections vertically
  5. Twist the bottom half going downwards
  6. Twist the top half going forward
  7. Loop each twist and secure with bobby pins
  8. Continue doing this till completed
Would you like more PICTORIALS? Share, comment, and if you can visit the video and LIKE.


  1. Would love more pictorial styles like these. it's awesome will try it when my hair grows out a little more

    1. Thanks for commenting. I will keep bring out pictorials for you!! How many per week would you like?


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