Monday, April 28, 2014

Stretching Natural Hair with CurlFormers and A TRIM

Lately, I have noticed that my ends were knotting up and with that indication, I knew that it was time for a trim. My last trim was January 3rd 2014.  In the past, I had trimmed my hair while damp or wet, but decided to try using curlformers to stretch my hair and then do the trim. Kind of like straightening my hair and then trimming... LOL!

I had a few concerns (1) Wait time for my hair to fully dry in curlformers
                                  (2) Having to comb my ends while dry

I had stretched Big Sis's hair in curlformers before and wanted to incorporate the same method.

The install process took about 40 minutes.

Check out that shrinkage!!

After a total dry time of 6 hours, I looked like a prutty pruncess (according to Lil Sis)

The Trimming process
  Taking each individual curl created by the curlformer, I snipped off about 1/2 an inch.
  Sealed my ends with my Shea Aloe Butter
...and that was it!

After doing this, I took off the 4 hair holders...and I was left with a cute 'Fro!! Now I know how to get my hair to stand like a fro!!

Don't know how to use Curlformers? Watch below:

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