Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer Fun and Mug Cake?

Houston Downtown Miller Outdoor Amphitheater

This summer has be so much fun. Discovering new places in Houston with the kids was really great. Last week, we went to a family fun festival and you wouldn't believe what these beautiful accessories are for.
Homemade Fabric Flower Dog Collars

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Lil Sis did her FIRST solo video. If you've never made a mug cake before, here's a simple recipe for a 2 minutes mug cake:

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Have you ever lived in a place and discovered some amazing areas in that place? Well, that happened to me this past weekend. I discovered SO MANY places!!

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What FUN activities have you done this summer?

Monday, July 27, 2015

How I Cleansed and Styled the Girls' Natural Hair in 2 Hours

Natural Hair Kids Wash Day Hair Care
After a weekend at the beach and swimming at the pool, it was time to give the girls' hair a bit of TLC. Before on our vacation, I had pack some items that we would need to do a quick cowash and moisturizing session after leaving any body of water.

While on vacation, here is how I cared for the girls hair. I stored all the details in this FREE app, Hair Journal App.

Now that we are home, it's time to clarify.

I was a bit short on time, so the plan was to do this all under 2 hours.  I started with Lil Sis.
  • Using the ShampooMatemy newest love! , I sectioned her hair into 4 parts and secured each with a butterfly clip.
Working one section at a time :
Next was a protein treatment to strengthen the hair
After this treatment, I did a moisturizing deep conditioning on her hair
While Lil Sis was under the dryer, I started shampooing Big Sis's hair. I followed up with the protein treatment and the moisturizing deep conditioning. By the time I was done, Lil Sis was ready to get out of the dryer, and I sat Big Sis under the dryer.

While Big Sis was under the dryer, I rinsed of Lil Sis's deep conditioner, and started with styling her hair.
  • Started by applying my oil mix to her hair
  • Applied SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner
  • Applied Eden Bodyworks Pudding Souffle
  • Put her hair in 4 sections using Snappee snap off hair ties
    • You can get your at Use discount codes DISCOVERINGBOGO or DISCOVERINGSHIP
  • For each section, did 2 chunky twists.
  • Gather all twists in a design
By the time, I was done doing this, Big Sis was ready to come out of the dryer and I repeated the steps above for her too.
Natural Hair Kids Hairstyle Chunky Twists
YEAH!!  Hair done under 2 hours... This style should last a week.

What Causes Itchy Scalp and How to Stop Itchy Scalp

What Causes Itchy Scalp and How to Stop Itchy Scalp

There are several things that can cause itchy scalp. Find out what you can do about it.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

3 Ways to Fix a Failed Twistout feat. Snappee

3 Ways to Fix a Failed Twistout feat. Snappee Hair Ties (DiscoveringNatural)

Have you ever had one of those that's that your twistout doesn't come out right, or you FORGET to re-twist at night?

I will show you 3 styles that you can do in just 1 minute using Snappee hair ties.
Watch as the style progresses throughout the day.

Snappee hair ties can be bought at
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3 Ways to Fix a Failed Twistout feat. Snappee Hair Ties (DiscoveringNatural)

Crown Hairstyle on Natural Hair using Snappee
Natural Hair using Snappee

3 Ways to Fix a Failed Twistout feat. Snappee Hair Ties (DiscoveringNatural)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Back To School Savings and so much more Vlog

Back To School Savings Vlog
Before Back to School shopping started, we still had some end-of-summer break fun!! We went to The Alamo which is located in San Antonio.
The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

It was so much fun sharing a part of Texas history with the girls.

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Back home after a short vacation, Lil Sis had to go to the doctor.
Back To School Checkup

She was such a trooper and made us laugh throughout the visit.

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Now... time for Back to School Shopping!! Here is how I save money and reduce stress

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Monday, July 20, 2015

How to Maintain Your Natural Hair Care feat. Hair Journal App

Finding a way to maintain your hair care can be difficult. In the past, I have written my regimen in a notebook, however, I always seem to misplace the book. LOL! I was so glad when I found this FREE app called, Hair Journal App. Now, I am able to maintain my hair care needs and that of my 2 daughters.

To download this app, go to your iTunes, Apple store or Google Play.

Click here to see how I use this app, or watch below.