How to Make Avocado Oil from Avocado Seed and Skin | Natural Hair Growth | DiscoveringNatural

In this video, learn how to make Avocado Oil from Avocado Seed and Skin for hair elasticity, shiny hair and Natural Hair Growth Avocado Seed Oil is highly moisturizing. It contains fatty acids and Vitamin E which makes hair elasticity perfect and strengthens the hair , and moisturizing to use on skin and hair. It promotes skin elasticity and a healthy moisture barrier to improve skin health. Avocado seed oil is great as a deep conditioner to help with hair elasticity, WHERE TO BUY Almond oil below or CLICK HERE

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What Happened to My Natural Hair Using REVAIR | DiscoveringNatural

In my last Natural Hair Salon visit, I got my hair blow out, a normal natural hair blowout using Revair. You can buy it here Use discount code : DiscoveringNatural
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I was asked what I did afterwards. Here is my experience salon blowout daughter's experience; I went to the salon NHCG Trichologist Darbs can be contacted at or on instagram @NHCGTRICHOLOGY

Benefits of Arugula Seed Oil For Hair Growth Retention | DiscoveringNatural

Arugula Seed Oil has been known to help with hair growth and scalp issues. In this video I share how to use Arugula Seed Oil for Hair Growth Retention. I am using Bionatal Arugula Seed Oil. You can find it here: . Use discount code: discoveringnaturalHere is how I use it. Click here or watch below:
Bionatal Arugula Seed Oil is made with 100% Saharan Desert Seeds Wide Leaf Arugula. It is one-time Cold Press non filtered arugula oil. BENEFITS Of ARUGULA ON HAIR - Helps with melanin production in the hair follicles - Slow down graying process - Slows hair loss - Strength roots of hair - Helps with Dandruff - Helps against scalp eczema and psoriasis
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How to make AMBUNU OIL for Hair Growth | DiscoveringNatural

In this video I show you how to make Ambunu Oil. I show 2 ways to make Ambunu Hair Oil for Dandruff and Hair Breakage. This can be the best natural hair oil helps to strengthen your hair and helps against dandruff.Watch video below or click here

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Ambunu for hair comes from Chad and many people use ambunu for hair growth. You can also use ambunu powder for this best hair oil recipe. If you want to know how to make ambunu shampoo, ambunu leave in conditioner, ambunu hair gel, ambunu deep conditioner which all come from ambunu plant, I also compare aloe vera to ambunu leaves click here: This Ancient African Secret Ambunu on my natural hair has been a game change…

Extreme Dandruff Treatment | Seborrheic Dermatitis | Natural Hair Wash Day DiscoveringNatural

In last video, I show you EXTREME DANDRUFF Removal of Huge Flakes . Today I will be doing a detox scalp treatment and extreme dandruff treatment and hair with seborrheic dermatitis. Watch below or click here

Here is how to get rid of dandruff: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

PRODUCTS USED IN THIS VIDEO Kadima Organic Beauty Products Mud Detox Masque , Fenugreek Deep Conditioner , Herbal Moisture Milk Leave in Conditioner Discount code Discoveringnatural2020
Lock Nurturing Hair Growth Oil:
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EXTREME DANDRUFF REMOVAL Huge Flakes Psoriasis | Close Up | Natural Hair | DiscoveringNatural

In this video, I show you an EXTREME DANDRUFF Removal of Huge Flakes. This extreme dandruff removal huge flakes is also an extreme dandruff removal with a comb. These are big flakes. These Huge Dandruff flakes removal video will help you. In the next video, I show how to treat dandruff on scalp. Watch below or click here

Here is how to get rid of dandruff:

10 AMAZON MUST HAVES Natural Hair Products | DiscoveringNatural

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is upon us. Here are 10 Amazon Must have hair products natural hair products that you want to add to your amazon shopping haul. I even saw some Amazon Must Have TikTok versions. Watch this video for details about each products, click here or watch below

Here are the Products Shown:My earrings Spray Bottle Oil Applicator Bottle Smart Funnel Shampoo Brush Headband Wig Afro Puff 3 in 1 Detangling Brush Dark Amber Bottle Butterfly Clip Mannequin Straight Mannequin Afro�����������…