Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How I Paid $8 for $23 Hair Products

It all started with the Carpet Man!

I was suppose to get my carpet cleaned, but got a call that the Carpet Cleaner will not be able to make it until later on during the day. Okay... I was not upset, because that morning during my quiet time with God, I had committed the day to His hands and I knew He was in control.

Fast forward to 1 hour later; exactly around the time the carpet cleaner was suppose to show up, my doorbell rings. It was a friend asking for a favor. Although the favor involved driving a bit far from my house, I was not upset. He was in control.

I granted the favor and as I was leaving the location, I saw a CVS Pharmacy store. Now, CVS is currently doing a BOGO Free on SheaMoisture. I had gone earlier during the week to my local CVS store and did not buy because the store only carried one of the products I really wanted; Curl and Style Milk.  I entered to the store and proceeded to the ExtraBuck coupon machine. The machine was broken. I was not upset. He was in control.

Upon getting to the checkout counter, after picking up 2 of the SheaMoisture products, I told the cashier about the broken machine, he went and fixed it. Took less than a minute. The machine started printing out coupons upon coupons. I was VERY happy. He is in control.

Among the coupon that was printed was $3 off any Purchase. So, at the end of it all, I should have paid $23.36, but I paid only $8.46

2 SheaMoisture @ $10.79 each
Got 1 free
Got $3 ExtraBucks Rewards
.....Gave some money to Uncle $am


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What are some blessings you have experienced this week?
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  1. Awesome day! I love when this happens!

    1. Thanks. Me too... People say, "When the Stars align..." hmm.. I guess you know what I would say. Have a great day!

  2. I love it when God shows up like that! Lovely testimony! Thanks for sharing sis :-)

  3. I love your story! God is in control of all things small and great! I thank Him for the very important things like health and keep us safe everyday and for the little things like letting me find out about natural healthy hair care and not allowing it to be a struggle anymore! I recently started going to Wednesday night church when I can, so I just got back about an hour ago and this is the first thing I read! Thanks for sharing! Your comment up above about the stars aligning(what power do stars have on our lives?) is so true, people are always so quick to praise the creation and not the Creator!

    1. Amen! Amen! Thank you so much for your comment. I know that it will uplift any reader. Have a blessed day!!

  4. Amen and amen! Awesome testimony :) He is so AWESOME! love love love this. Thank you for sharing!