Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What You Need for DIY Home Treatments

Protein Treatment for Natural Hair

I love doing DIY home treatments because it allows me to control ingredients that I put into my hair. When making these treatments, there are some essential tools that you need.

Measuring tools

Each recipe in my DIY home treatments has specific measurements. I never eye-ball my mixture because it can give different results. Due to this fact, I have an array of measuring tools ranging from teaspoons, tablespoons to cups to spoons.

pH Strips

One of the most important things you will need in your treatment is a testing strip, pH strips. These strips are used to test the pH level of your mixture. If your mixture is not in the correct range that you want, it can cause your hair cuticles to behave in different ways than you would like. Click here to learn more about pH Balance in Natural Hair

Mixing Equipment

Some mixtures call for more than spoons for mixing the treatment. For a more liquid consistency, I prefer to use my blender. This helps keeps the consistency the same through the mixture. It also helps eliminate chunks of ingredients. When using blender, I use it in a liquefy setting. If you do not have a liquefy setting, start off by blending in a slow rate, then gradually increase to the fastest/highest rate.

Fine Mesh Sieve

This tool is the one that is mostly ignored when making treatments that calls for food products such as banana and avocado. Many people complain that the reason they do not like DIY home treatments is because their mixture always leaves chunks of food debris in their hair. To avoid this, use a fine mesh sieve/strainer. This will help remove any debris that still exists even after blending your produce in liquefied setting.

To view my DIY Home Treatments, watch the playlist below or click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1m9C8nV1ud4&list=PLCT7rEmj0XkyQK1jeKWOyfGOTi_Ifu6Gj

What tools do you use when making your DIY Home Treatments

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