Braided Bantu Knot Out and Gifts!

I have seen people do Bantu Knot Out with single twists and two strand twists, however, I have never seen a braided bantu knot out.  I decided to give it a try.  Now I know why I have not seen it before... Epic Failure!

How I did it....

I braided my hair into 8 braids, and then bantu knotted it.

The next morning, I undid the braids and got this...

It gave me a lot of fullness, however, the curls were very untamed and did not flow in any directions unlike my previous bantu knots that gave me awesome results, see it here.

So, I decided to just create a curly afro puff.

I want to thank Shelli of Hairscapades for the opportunity of picking me for the winner of the Threadmill and DarinBabe contest.  She gifted me with these two headbands and a lovely handmade ring.  I got lots of compliments from the headbands and ring and totally love all the items. Thanks, Shelli!

I received it in the mail today...and how appopriate since it's my BIRTHDAY!


  1. Oh wow! Sola! You're so beautiful and you make the headbands and ring look so wonderful! Thanks so much for this! XO!

  2. Happy birthday Sawah!! And, I love the headbands, especially the blue and white!!!! Cute ring too!!!


  3. Very beautiful hair!!


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