How I got my best Twist 'n Curl

Started with a day old braid out.  I used this to stretch my hair that I washed the night before.

  • Section hair and put a bobby pin at the base of the hair
  • Spritz hair lightly with water and jojoba mixture
  • Apply my Modified Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie mix. I love this stuff.. makes my hair super soft.
  • Proceed with doing a two strand twists, keep both strands seperate even if one strand appears shorter than the other.
  • Curl the end of the twist with a perm rod
  • Let this set overnight
  • Next morning, remove perm rod, and untwist starting from end to base.
  • Remove bobby pin at the base of the hair
  • Seperate each strand one more time.

How do you achieve your best TnC?


  1. For me, twist-n-curls were much more of a challenge, so I stuck with braid-n-curls. Though I preferred the curl pattern given by the twist, the braid pattern lasted longer...I needed something that lasted because I'm not a girl that does hair daily. I style at most, twice a week.

    1. I do agree, I find TnC to be more challenging. My BnC have always come out very predictable.


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