Knots and Tangles

Two words that you don't wish to be associated with your hair are "Knots" and "Tangles".  Let's be frank! Everyone does get some form of knots and tangles at one point or the other. Single strand knots, messed up tangles and so much more.

Today, I encountered some tangles and a true knot.  Now, this one knot was on one of my strand of hair from my two strands twist.  It was a true knot.  As if someone purposely knotted up my hair. Very bizarre.

So, how did I unknot this naughty knot? LOL.. I used a pin. At first, I thought, well.. it's part of my relaxed ends which I will cut off anyway, so, I was going to just cut it, then I saw a video on YouTube where a lady used a safety pin to unknot her hair. It worked!

Okay, one down, one more to go. 

After undoing my knot and untwisting/unbraiding my protective style from a week ago, I started my pre-poo and detangling process.  What do you think I found midway into my detangling? Yep! Tangles. 

It was a bit frustrating, but I was able to untangle this mess by adding some conditioner to it and slowly...slowly...slowly unraveling the tangles.
Oh, well... I guess this is part of my new transitioning life. The funny thing is that unlike in the past when I use to get tangles along the demarcation part of my hair where the natural hair meets the relaxed ends, today's tangles was totally all on my relaxed ends.

How do you solve your knotting and tangling issues?


  1. I use a safety pin also, if its too tangled I just cut it, especially if its near my ends. Mine, come from using all natural products, if I used silicone's I don't get knots.


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