Pouf on Transitioning Hair

Two days ago, CurlyNikki had a post on "Hair Pouf Variations", I noticed that she did not have any pictures of transitioning ladies.  First of all, I was thinking that maybe I have to wait till I am fully natural before I can do a pouf style... but then again...maybe not.

I decided to give it a try.

Here is how I got this style.
  • On an old flat twist style, I lightly spritz my new growth ONLY with water and oil. (I did this because my new growth felt dry).
  • I moisturized my hair with Cantu Shea Butter Leave In
  • Gathering my hair from the back, as if I want to do a french twist, I secured my hair with a bobby pin
  • I gathered my hair until I got to my crown area.
  • Then the topmost area of my crown, I did a big two strand twist (see the bottom right picture) and looped the twist underneath the cascading front bangs hair.  This actually helped the pouf area to push forward and not lay flat.
  • I decided not to accessorize it with anything, but I could have easly put a bedazzled hair pin bling on the back.
Try out this style and let me know how you wear your pouf!


  1. I often utilize perm rods to achieve the braid-n-curl...which has been my fancy style. If I am only going to wear protective styles (95% of the time), I braid my hair (to the ends) after it's been washed and conditioned, and sleep on it...by morning, the hair is dry and I unbraid the hair (with a bit of my mix of castor and coconut oil) and put in the protective style. I think as a transitioner, it's even more vital to protect those ends (especially earlier on since we have so much more hair that is relaxed, vs natural)...so mine were never exposed unless I wore the braid out!


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