Product Review: Satin Pillowcase

My transitioning buddy gave me a satin pillowcase for my birthday and so, I decided to give it a try! I have never had a satin pillowcase before and after hearing about it, I was very grateful to her for giving it to me.  I decided to sleep without my satin bonnet or silk scarf and see how my hair looks like the next morning. 

It was not a bad night... however, it took some getting use to because of the slippery effect the satin gives. 

Here is my hair before I went to bed:

After a night of tossing and turning without any head covering (eEkK!)

Not bad... I even wore it out to my daughter's photoshoot that morning...

Do you use a satin pillowcase?  Do you like it?


  1. i sleep with a satin bonnet, i will be trying the pillow case next... thanks =)

  2. Probably one of the most helpful hair helpers is my satin pillowcase. Keeps my hair pretty much in place, too, but it has to be good satin. Love the 1 I ordered online from Neero & Ana. Did notice that my hair wasn't as dry and didn't break off.

    1. I will definitely be checking out Neero & Ana;s satin pillowcase.

  3. Satin pillowcases have been a great help, for those nights where you are too tired to fuss with your hair. I try and use a satin hea scarf as often as I can though!

  4. That is awesome! I'm definitely getting one of these.


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