If I Big Chop...

As I get closer to my 1 year mark of transitioning, I start to think about Big Chopping.  Really, for the first time...I am thinking of doing it! LOL!  Over these months, my hair has grown about 5-6 inches stretched! I still have some relaxed ends. The longest is around 4 inches.

I went back to an old post I did when I first started blogging. I found this picture of when my mom did a big chop on my hair. As you can tell, I was not so happy about it. Me and my little TWA!

I am truly enjoying my transitioning and learning so much about the natural hair and how to care and maintain it. Let the journey continue...

If you transitioned and have done your BC, how long did you go for?


  1. I transitioned for 6 months and then 3 weeks ago on Oct. 6, I walked into my bathroom, pulled out my cutting shears and CHOPPED Off all of my relaxed ends. I had said I was going to wait until a year, but as I approached each wash day, I was filled with "dread" and resenting my relaxed ends that were starting to NOT cooperate anymore. I felt that I was holding on, because I was afraid to let go, afraid of what people would think, or even afraid of really "seeing" myself. But when I cut the first strand off, it was if a weight was lifted off my shoulder - I felt amazing and surprisingly looked amazing! And you know what else? EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE loved it. I am in week 3 of being natural and with each day I fall deeper in love with "me", my kinks, and my coils. Actually I'm obsessed with playing in my hair (the curls keep calling me - smile). So whether you decide to chop sooner or later, just know that the decision will be one that you will make with much thought and surely enough preparation and it won't be nearly as bad as you think.

    By the way I love your blog - Your tips have helped me during this process.

    1. Thank you so much for the inspiration words. I think the struggle I have currently is that I have never worked with my hair less than shoulder-length. I have a section of my hair (at the back that is all natural). I call it my "test area". Yesterday, wash day, that area was collar-bone length, STRETCHED. When not stretched, it is ear level. I am hoping that when I BC, my hair will be at least shoulder length when not stretched. Ohh... I just need to embrace shrinkage, right! LOL.. Argh, I think that is my problem. I find it hard to embrace shrinkage. Just had an Ah-ha moment! LOL!

    2. Yes the dreaded "shrinkage"...That is definitely something to embrace and get used to. I wake up now and just say you know what IT IS WHAT IT IS...It didn't dawn on me until I cut my hair, that I went back and looked through some old photo albums and realized that I HAVE ALWAYS HAD SHORT HAIR. It wasn't until the last 4 years that I started wearing "long" hair. So seeing those pictures and remembering of how "sexy, fierce, and fabulous" I felt back then with my TWA's, or my Halle Berry Cuts....helped me to really relax and enjoy this "new place". Only this time I'm doing it without the creamy crack. But I totally understand. There are not many options when you hair is short. Right now, I just finger coil it and after 2 days untwist them and rock my curly locks for the rest of the week with a flower on the side.


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