What is a Protective Style?

What is a Protective Style?

A protective style is a hair style where the ends of your hair is protected against elements such as the weather. 

Why do we need the ends of our hair protected?

The ends of your hair are the oldest parts of your hair. Being the oldest part, it is also the most fragile. When your hair breaks or splits, this is the vulnerable area. By protecting the ends of your hair, you will be able to retain length.

Protective Style and Hair Growth

A lot of naturals and transitioners ask the ever popular question, "How can I get my hair to grow?". The answer to this question is not how to make your hair grow, but how to retain the length of your hair. Remember, hair is always growing. The average growth is 1/2 inch a month, considering other factors such as stress, diet, exercise, and maintenance. When you don't see the growth, it is because you are not retaining the length of your hair that you currently have.

Types of Protective Styles

There are different kinds of protective styles. Some obvious ones are braids with or without extensions, twists, with or without extensions, cornrows, flat twists, bantu knots (if you can ROCK it) and buns. YES, Buns are protective styles too. A pony tail with the ends exposed is not a protective style. A bun, where the ends are protected is a protective style.  Below is a Video Tutorial on how to create a multibun protective style.  This style is great for transitioners because it hides your relaxed ends. When I did this style, my hubby said, "Your hair looks all natural!".

Do you do Protective Styles?  What types do you like?


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