When Products Fail To Work...

What do you do if a product you bought fails to work?

Hair products can be expensive. Knowing the options for what you do if the product fails can save you lots of money and shelf space.

There are different options that you have if you bought products that does not work for you.
  • Return to store
There are some stores, such as Sally Beauty Store, that will allow you to return products for full price back. Even if you have used part of the product, you can still return it. If you are buying a hair product or tool that is very expensive, find out the store or online return policy. Make sure to check if there is reshelving fee.
  • Resell online
You can try to resell your product to other people online. A good site to use is Lola's Green Hair.
  • Swap Products
A lot of swapping is going on in several hair forums and even on facebook. You can swap your used products for another product that someone else does not want. Check out this swap board on CurlyNikki. You can also attend swap meets with other naturals. Remember that the products you swap should be gently used and at least 50% unused.
  • Alternative Uses
This last option is one that I use all the time. Finding alternative uses for a product that does not work is quite easy to do. For example, I have a couple of shampoos that I no longer use. Instead of using it on my hair, I use it for my pedicure. I also have a product that does not work well for me as a deep conditioner, but according to the product usage, can be used as a styler. When I mix it with some oils, it works great as a styler. You have to experiment to get the best results.

What other ideas do you have for using products that fails?


  1. Those are some great suggestions! We recently tried Shea Moisture products, and they did not work on my children's hair. Since my son started karate, I have met a few mothers who have children with curly hair, I gave the products to one of them who have been wanting to try them. (just because it didnt work for me it doesnt mean it cant work on her, right?)
    Awesome post!

    1. That is so thoughtful of you! I hope the products work for the other mothers. Hopefully you have found some products that work for your children. Thanks for sharing.


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