Mommy Vacation, Day 3

I was not able to blog yesterday, I was too tired. It was such a fun day at the Chicago Marathon Expo. 

The night before, I had put my hair in braided Bantu knots.
I was not sure how it would turn out, but hoped for the best. The Results:

It did not look too bad, at first, but when I was done un-knotting the Bantu knots and un-braiding the braids, the relaxed ends did not cooperate with me. It did not curl up as well as it should. Thanks to the magic of bobby pins,  I was able to tuck them under.

My other SIL joined us today. I feel so blessed to be able to share this experience with my sisters.

Art display at the Nike booth
Love this whole look!

The cute Sweaty Bands are great for working out. I love the designs and boy! there were so many of them. You can even get them customized.
This guy zoomed past us..LOL

There were over 45,000 registered runners
Changed style..lost one of my earrings on the bus or train...oh well!

After six hours, the bobby pins lost their fight to tame my relaxed ends, and I had to put my hair into a bun with a slanted pompadour.


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