Friday Fun: Mommy-Vacation Pictures (Day 1 & 2)

Once a year, I go on a little mommy-vacation. I find this time away from the kids to be a rejuvenating time. Last year, I went to Florida. It was SO much fun relaxing on the beach. This year, I decided to do something enriching. I love volunteering at races, when I am not running.  This year, I decided to volunteer at the 2012 Chicago Marathon Expo. Here are my Day 1 and Day 2 pictures.


Day 1

At the airport

Finally in the plane, I'm going to ready to catch some Zzzzzs
View from my window seat
Hair Style: Flat twists (three in front and five going back)

Day 2
Hair: Flat Twists with Bantu Knots out

In the subway... I look tired!

Waiting for the bus... It's so COLD!!

On the bus, looking less tired
Finally at the Chicago Marathon Expo
My SIL and I, ready to volunteer!

My SIL's lovely locs! Super Duper Cute!
Taking a short break to take pics with new friend!

At one point during the day, the Volunteer sign was swaying so badly... Very Spooky!! Sorry for the video quality, used my phone to record.

Night time! My hair was set in Braided Bantu Knots *fingers crossed *


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