Mommy Vacation: Recap of Day 4 and Day 5

I was unable to blog about Day 4 on Sunday, because I was so busy hanging out with family, resting, and shopping.  I ventured into Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and found some hair products that I had not found at the locations in my area.

I have heard so much about Aloe Vera Gel, and found the one shown above at Trader Joe's. Although I would have preferred 100% AVG, I settled for 99%. If anyone knows where I can get a good 100% one, please comment below.

At Whole Foods, I bought two Giovanni products; Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner and 50:50 Balanced Hydrating Clarifying Shampoo. I have watched and read several reviews of these products and will be trying them in the future. I have not clarified my hair in a long time, and plan on doing it on my next wash day.

Sneaking in some time in the EARLY morning to tweet.  By the way, do you know I am on Twitter @ DiscoveringNatural

 On Day 5, I did some sightseeing in the cold city of Chicago. It was not too bad!.. but cold, regardless. Millennium Park is a must-see if you visit this windy city.

At Buckingham Fountain

Before my flight, I stopped at Potbelly to get a Skinny Mushroom Melt Sandwich and a coffee smoothie. Delish!! I loved how the smoothie comes with the tinnest sandwich cookies I have ever seen. LOL!

 Before I knew it, it was time to grab my bags, catch the train to O'Hare Airport. I enjoyed my vacation and feel rejuvenated!

How was my hair styled on Day 4 and 5? Since I knew I was going to be outside in the elements, I did two jumbo flat twists going back and covered the back of my hair with a beanie lined with satin. Picture is on Instagram.

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