Confession time

I was responding to a comment from one of my post when I suddenly got an Ah-ha moment. So, I felt the need to confess to you all about why I feel I am not ready to Big Chop.

Yes, I am. I think the struggle I have currently is that I have never worked with my hair being less than shoulder-length. I have a section of my hair (at the back that is all natural). I call it my "test area".

 Last wash day, that area was collar-bone length, STRETCHED. When not stretched, it is ear level. I am hoping that when I BC, my hair will be at least shoulder length when not stretched. Ohh... I just need to embrace shrinkage, right?

What is stopping you from doing a Big Chop?


  1. The same reason as you lol ^^ Granted, I'm only 3mo into my transition, I did cut off a tiny section of my edges to see what it looked like natural, aside from my own natural section in the back....SUPER short!!! By cutting that little area in the front, all urges to BC early have been removed and I'm now learning how to be patient and not pay so much attention to growth, that I actually can tell when my hair is growing.But I'm not sure what length I want my hair to be when I BC, stretched or not. I'll figure it out as I go along I guess.

    1. LOL! I'm glad I'm not alone. Having a test aread is very good because over time, you can use that area to see how your hair is looking. Good luck on your transition.

  2. Haha! I completely understand! Although I never did a real 'big chop', I understand. My hair was already long before I went fully natural... 16 inches. I transitioned for 2 years before chopping it to my ears. This was before I knew anything about shrinkage. LOL!
    All in due time. Not everyone has to big chop when everyone else wants them to. That's the beauty of being natural... you are free from what other people think about your hair! =)


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