QOTD: Why do you use a T-Shirt to dry your hair?

I was recently asked this question on my Facebook page:

Is there a reason to use tshirt to dry hair vs towel?

Here is my answer:

Yes, there is a reason why I use T-shirt to dry my hair rather than using towels. First of all, when you use a towel, you have a tendency of pulling out hair. It is almost like scrubbing your coils, curls, or kink. Have you noticed when you towel dry, you see some hair locked into the fiber of the hair. Reasons to use T-shirt is that it does not pull your hair, it reduces frizz, creates less friction to your hair. If you still prefer towel, choose a microfiber towel.  

What do you use to dry your hair?...T-shirt or Towel?


  1. I also use a T-shirt to dry my hair.

  2. I use a towel but I never rub squeeze, I simply turban wrap my hair long enough to gather my styling supplies, then I gently unwrap the towel and shake my hair out to see if it's dry enough. I've never used a terry cloth towel on my hair though... I'll have to try that.


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