Great Balls of Hair...?

You know.. those little balls of hair at the nape of your head.  Yeah...put your fingers back there... Those balls of hair!  They can be quite annoying. At least to me, they are.

Here is a question I saw online:

What can I do about these balls of hair that are at the nape of my head?  Is gelling this area my best option?


There are different options you can try out. Yes, gelling that area is one of the options. Another thing that you can do is to apply some cream styler to that area. You can also just let it be. If you wear your hair down and that area is covered, you don't have to be bothered with it. If you have styles where you have your hair in an updo, then you might want to slick it down. A method I use when doing updo is to:
  • Spray the area lightly with water
  • Apply some castor oil and carefully loosen the balls. Doing this in a rough manner can cause the balls to tangle up and cause knots.
  • Apply a little EcoStyler Gel (Argan) over the hair
  • Use my fingers to softly brush over the area.
Do you have balls of hair at the nape of your head? What do you do about it?


  1. that's what you call them lol

  2. I actually just shave it kind of looks like an "edge up"...

    1. I am so glad I shaved mine. It feels so nice and looks neat.


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