Curly Girl Method on Transitioning Hair - Month 1

My hair strands showing Zigzag curl type

It's been one month since I started the Curly Girl Method on my transitioning hair. Since then, I have learnt a lot about what my hair likes and what it does not like. My hair has been able to stay moisturized longer due to this method.  I bought the Curly Girl, The Handbook, and I have been reading it to better understand this method.

What I have learnt, so far ...

  • When using Generic Paul Mitchell Leave In Conditioner, do not use any gel with it
  • Using a mixture of Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner and EcoStyler Gel - Argan gives me less frizz
  • To refreshen my curls, I only need to lightly spritz and apply some leave in conditioner, no need to rewash
  •  I have a mixture of Fractal and Zigzag Curl Type

  • My hair strands showing fractal curl type

    As, I continue with this method, I hope to increase my moisture level and incorporate techniques I am reading about in the Handbook into my routine.


  1. Is that your curl type or CG method changed it?

    1. I believe that the CG method enhanced my curl type and made it more prominent.


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