Friday Fun: Easy Scarf Organizer

Since I started transitioning, I have discovered that scarves can be used in many ways and also come in difference sizes and shapes. I have quite a collection of scarves and the one thing that I lack is the process of organizing my scarves for easy access.

Here is an easy way of creating a simple scarf organizer with items you probably have at home.

You will need

Hanger (preferably a sturdy one. This is actually a coat hanger. You can use wooden ones too)

 Shower curtain rings

This is the way I use to organize my scarves.  When I pull one scarf for use, the rest usually fall off and then I have to rearrange them again. Very annoying!!

Here is how to create your scarf organizer

Step 1:
Clip the shower curtain rings onto the hanger.

Step 2:
Loop your scarf into one of the rings and tie it into a loose knot.

That's it! Easy as 1-2-....okay no 3...LOL!

(This Friday Fun is dedicated to my transitioning buddy (Uninibile) on CurlyNikki forum)


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