Tangled up with Vatika Hair Oil

This past weekend, I decided to pre poo with Vatika Hair Oil instead of doing my normal and loved Amla and Brahmi treatment. Why?  Well, I have read a lot about this hair oil and how it makes your hair soft and shiny and also promotes growth. So, I decided to give it a try. I went to my local Indo-Pak store, paid $5.99 for it, and went home to start applying this to my hair.

I used Hairscapes' youtube video as my guide for application.

Unlike other people, I love the smell of this product. Also, the ingredients were really nice and even contained Amla and Brahmi. 
Henna - colorant, hair conditioner & restorative
Amla - hair nourishment, delays graying & hair fall
Harad - protects from UV rays, delays graying
Bahera - maintains hair color
Neem - anti-microbial, fights dandruff & hair fall
Brahmi - hair vitalizer
Kapur Kachari - antiseptic
Lemon Oil - astringent, fights dandruff
Coconut Oil - promotes hair growth & nourishment
Cow's Milk - natural nourishment for scalp & roots

 After leaving this product on my hair overnight, I did my normal co-wash with Tresemme and deep conditioning wth Shea Moisture Deep Treatment. My hair was VERY tangled up!! I was not happy about this. The only thing that was different about this wash day was the Vatika Hair oil. Maybe I used too much. In addition, my hair felt hard... not soft. I will give this hair oil another try next month and see if my hair tangles up again.

Do you use Vatika Hair Oil? How do you apply it?


  1. I have used this oil and hated it. It made my hair shed and hard. I was surprised because it had so many good reviews.

  2. Wow..I'm glad I am not the only one that had the same issues. Yes,I noticed more than normal shedding too.


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