Funny Transitioning Story

My friend was running some errands some days ago, and as she waited in the checkout, a lady, who was a stylist, started this conversation with her:

Stylist Lady:  "I love your hair."

My Friend: "Thank you."

Stylist Lady: "How long have you been natural?"

My Friend (who has been transitioning for 9 months, and has done several mini-chops): "Since last November."

Stylist Lady: "Your hair grow a lot."

My Friend: "Hmm.... thanks"

Stylist Lady: "What products do you use to make your puff glisten like that?"

My Friend: "I just apply some 'baby oil' to it "

Stylist Lady: "Since when have you been wearing your hair like that?"

My Friend: "Hmm.. since today."

Stylist Lady: "How do you get your puff to stay so full and nice looking?"

And to that question.... My Friend answered....

"I just take it from my hair storage area... apply some baby oil... and pin it to my head."

After hearing this, the lady did not ask any more questions because all this while, she thought the puff was actually my friend's real hair.

If you are transitioning and your hair is not quite long enough for a puff, you can still rock a natural puff, sold at Beauty Shops.


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