Bantu Knots on Dry Hair

In the past, I have always done bantu knots with wet or damp hair. Here is one of my previous bantu knots with wet hair.

So, I decided to try it with dry hair using whipped shea butter to moisturize.

I love the softness and the shine I got from doing the bantu knots with dry hair. I also noticed that there was less frizz and less stiffness of the bantu knot out curls. I must say, when I was doing the knots, I was a little skeptical about how it would turn out. Now, I am quite pleased.

Here is the results...


  1. This is cute!! Bantu-knot outs are on my list of transitioning styles to do. Right now I'm in a twists challenge (with my own hair) so come October..I will be trying all types of styles such as bantu-knot outs etc.

    1. Thanks. I really love bantu knots because I find that when I unravel it, I love the curl effects I get. I still prefer the definition I get from Braid outs.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks...I got lots of compliments today. I'm so glad I tried it out.

  3. That's is really pretty. I want to try it but I don't know how to do bantu knots. Do you have a post on how to do a bantu knot?

    1. Thanks. Yes, I do have a post and an attached video on how to do it:


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