Make your own hair accessories

My girls and I love...LOVE hair accessories. Most of the accessories we have are store bought, however, I love making my own. When you make your own hair accessory, you can decorate it however you want and even make it custom fit an outfit.

Below, I will show you how to make a simple headband from buttons. I bought large decorative plastic buttons and felt flower buttons. For this project, I will be using the felt buttons.  You can find these in your local craft stores.

You will need:
  • Decorative Felt buttons (You can also use iron-on applique)
  • Glue gun
  • Felt fabric (matching the color of the headband)
  • Fabric Headband

Step 1-4:
  • Arrange the felt flower buttons in the design you want
  • Place the larger buttons at the bottoms and overlay smaller sized buttons on top
  • Add acrylic jewels to add some bling to it

Step 5-8:
  • Cut 2 strips from the felt fabric
  • Glue one piece to the reverse side of the decorative arrangement of felt buttons
  • Apply some glue to the top that felt fabric
  • Place the headband on top of the glue and then gently press the second piece on top of the headband
  • Make sure it lines up with the first piece of felt fabric

The Result....

All our headbands were arranged in this homemade Headband Holder.

Want to see other hair accessories I have made? Click here and here.


  1. I like them. you should put them up for sale

    1. Thanks. This headband is available for purchase. See the product listing on:


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