Video Tutorial: Making Amla and Brahmi Treatment

I have been using the Amla and Brahmi Treatment once a month to nourish my hair and scalp and reduce breakage. At first, I was using this once a week, because I was washing my hair once a week. Now, I only wash my hair once every two weeks, so, I only do this treatment once a month, and I still achieve the following benefits provided by this treatment:

  • Stimulates growth and prevents hair loss
  • Add shine and reduces grey hair by darken hair
  • Nourishes scalp
  • Nourishes hair
  • Helps with itchy and dandruff prone scalp
  • Reduces hair loss and breakage
  • Helps with premature greying
In this video tutorial, I will be showing you how I make my Amla and Brahmi treatment.

Here is how I apply the product

Let me know if you try or have tried this treatment.


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