Friday Fun: Cantaloupe in Our Garden

In March, the girls and I planted our first cantaloupe plant.  We got the plant from our local garden center and were hoping to eat some yummy organic cantaloupe during the hot summer months. Well, yesterday, we harvested our first cantaloupe of the season! It was small in size but quite delicious. This cantaloupe was all organic, no chemical or fertilizers used.  What I liked about this plant is that it is low maintenance.  The only issue I had was that I did not realize the vine grew quite wildly. I made the mistake of planting it in the same garden bed as my peppers. Although my green peppers thrived (we harvested three small peppers in July), the cantaloupe vine kept on tangling around the pepper plants. Reminds me of how my relaxed ends tangled with my natural new growth LOL!

This will definitely not be our last cantaloupe since there are more still growing from the vine.

We saved the seeds for next planting season and hope to eat more cantaloupe for years to come!

Do you have a vegetable garden? What do you grow?


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