When will I do the Big Chop?

That is the question I get asked on a regular basis.

When are you going to chop off the relaxed ends, now that you have about 5 inches of new growth?

My respond is usually, "After I have transitioned for 2 years".

Lately, I have been watching a lot of Big Chop videos on Youtube, and not only am I happy for the ladies that took that big leap to the Fully Natural World, I have also come to the realization that I am not ready to take that leap.

Every transitioner goes through a period when they are frustrated with the war between their new growth and the relaxed ends. They experience times where the scissors could as well be their only salvation. At this point, each transitioner needs to look deep within themselves to see if they can continue the journey or bid adieu to the relaxed ends. No one can make that decision for you, but yourself.  The important thing to know before making that decision is to equipt yourself with the knowledge of how to maintain your hair after the big chop. You should make sure that you have ample knowledge of how to style your hair on a regular basis.

For me, I know that I am not ready to do the big chop, so, until that time comes, I will continue to gather information and learn about how to care for both my new growth and relaxed ends.

Happy Transitioning, ladies!


  1. I wish I had 5 inches of new-growth!!
    Great post.
    I won't BC until I can fit my natural hair into a ponytail or a decent puff. I need to have back-up options for bad hair days.

    1. Thanks. It is very important for me to pass the "awkward stage", and I know that to accomplish that I have to transition longer than 1 year at least.

  2. Wow. Nice post.
    Is it me or some people just nosy and annoying? Why do people care whether you big chop or not and when? It's none of their business! I have never asked someone that. It's a big step and no one should be pressured with it.
    I big chopped to my ears after transitioning for 2 years. My hair was 16 inches long, and everybody around me 'cried' when I cut it off... everybody but me. I was happy and felt free. I missed the length, but now my hair is healthier than ever and the length is coming back at rapid rates. Keep doing your thing and don't let anyone pressure you into big chopping before you feel comfortable doing so. =)
    Oh, and can you follow my hair blog? I'm trying to get people to know about it. lol http://www.curlsofinnocence.blogspot.com/

    1. Thanks. I know, right? When the time comes for me to BC, I know that I will be happy because I did it at my time and on my terms. I will follow your blog.


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