Growing my edges with NOW Solutions Castor oil

Today, I was styling my hair for a new style: Curly Fro with a Pompadour and noticed something.....

     my Edges were Thinning!

How did that happen?  Well... for the past couple of weeks, I have not been really kind to  my edges. I have gelled it... twisted it a little tighter than usual... and I think maybe not constantly keeping it moisturized as I used to might have been the culprit.

When I was three months into my transitioning journey, I used Jamaican Black Castor Oil to grow my edges in one month. Since then, I have been using NOW Solutions Castor Oil mixed with other oils as my oil mix and leave in conditioner for the girls.  Several times I have been asked which is better, JBCO or NOW Solutions Castor Oil? I know how well JBCO worked for me (click here to see), but didn't know if NOW will do the same.

So... for the next 4 weeks, I will be applying the NOW Solutions Castor Oil to my edges once a day in the morning and will report back with results.

Do you use NOW Solutions Castor Oil? Have you used JBCO in the past? Share your experience.


  1. I also love castor oil and my skin and hair is also loving it..because many people have been using castor oil for years to treat their hair loss and Skin problem and have got positive results too.

  2. What is the verdict? Are they similar?

    1. LOL..Gosh, that was 3 years ago, if I can recall, the JBCO worked better.


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